Optimizing architecture

Optimize building design with AI and graph technology. Get immediate feedback on performance, detect errors and find optimal solutions in the early stages of design.

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what-ifs per hour

Get flow in a tool that is focused on buildable exploration. Move freely between massing, setting programs, story design and space planning. Compare variants in seconds. Automatically fill stories with plans.

Charts showing data on your building

instant numbers

Immediate feedback
on your designs

No more Excel roundtrips to calculate key figures. Instantly know how you match your customers’ demands. Unit and area distribution, daylight simulation, carbon footprint and more.

Break the right rules

Built in error prevention helps you stay within the right limits. Focus on the design and Finch stays in the background, making sure that your buildings are compliant with the rules of your firm, customer and municipality.

Finch rule visualization
Multiple avatars

Everyone’s invited

Share a fully interactive 3D model to anyone with a browser. Let them comment on massing, plans and objects in the design. Get feedback right into your project.

Plan with cursors

Build once, reuse forever

Craft components,
reap the productivity

Once your designs are hardened, save them to your team or organization library to make them infinitely reusable. Easily pull plans, objects, and rules into your project for a consistent design.

Details from the Finch interface
Plans libraryChairObjects library

For architects
by architects

We love simplicity,
beauty and functionality.
The list when creating a tool
for us was short and sweet:

• Be simpler than pen and paper.
• Use AI to assist and inspire.
• Look great next to our designs.
• Keep us in the flow.
• Let us quickly change our minds.
• Leave the fun things to us.

Photo of the Finch founders Martin, Pamela, Jesper
Photo of Gaia

Finch is perfect for the early design stages.

Gaia Cella
Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Photo of Peter

Computational design is here. Scripting, simulations and generative tools inform our proposals in early stages so that we make better design decisions and deliver sustainable architecture.

Peter Leuchovius

Photo of Mads

Finch is invaluable. It helps us iterate faster, so that we can take our designs even further.

Mads Kjær Ravn


Two way streaming with your favorite CAD and BIM tool

Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper and more. Design the building mass in your software of choice and use bidirectional streaming of 3D data to Finch. Make changes to your building and get direct data feedback in Finch. Many times faster than plugins, infinitely faster than convincing your computational consultants to prioritize your project.


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